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How to set up a CreateText Account

How do I set up a CreateText Account

Very easy …. Fill in our Sign-Up form on CreateText.net  your account will be set up within 1 working day and we will give you 50 message free to get you started!

Is there a contract required to use the system?

No there are no contracts, you can use as little or as often as you like.

Can I use my Business Name as my Sender Name/ID?

Yes you can, it can be a maximum of 11 characters. Your account has a default Sender ID, should you wish to change this just contact us.


How much does it cost to send an SMS?

  1. It costs from 4.8c ex VAT to send 1 standard message of 160 characters to any Irish network.

How much does it cost to send to other countries?

Prices vary, if you would like to enquire about a specific country, contact us directly.

Can I save if I purchase in bulk?

  1. Yes we offer 10% saving when you purchase in bulk.

Do I have to pay a set-up charge or monthly fees?

  1. No – there are no set-up charges or monthly fees with CreateText. You buy a package (250 – 10,000 messages), use them, and top them up when you need to. It really is that simple.


How do I pay?

  1. You can pay by credit/debit card from within your CreateText account.

If I do not have a credit/debit card?

  1. If you do not have a credit/debit card, please contact us and we will arrange an alternative payment method.


Do I have to enter my contacts one by one, or can I upload multiple contacts?

You can upload an excel/csv file with all your contacts to your CreateText Account. You can also upload individual contacts.

Can my contacts opt-out if they don’t want to receive any more messages?

Yes – your contacts can opt out, using a dedicated keyword assigned to your account.

Can I prevent duplicate contacts from being entered or uploaded?

Yes – this is automatically done in your CreateText account.


Can I schedule messages to be sent at a later date?

Yes very easily, once your message is created you can set a date and time in the future.

How many characters is one SMS message?

One SMS is 160 characters, 161 – 306 characters is two SMS messages. When typing your message you will see how many characters your message is.


Can I receive replies?

Yes you can, there will be no charge to you for receiving replies, only the cost incurred to send the message.

Is there a cost to me to receive a reply to a message I sent?

As the originator of the message, you’re not charged for any replies you receive. Anyone replying to you will be charged the price of a local text message from their phone carrier.

Can I receive replies to my mobile phone?

Yes, we can set this up in the system very easily.


Can I see my sent messages?

Yes, within your account you can see all your sent messages.

Can I check the status of a message just sent?

Yes, within your account you can view the status of your messages – pending, sent or failed.

Can I download a report of sent messages?

Yes, all this information is available to you within your account. It can also be exported easily for printing.

Contact and Support

What support is available?

  1. During office hours 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, we have a dedicated support team to help with queries.
  2. From within your account, you can create a support ticket to log questions or queries, will respond directly to you.


Can I send SMS and be GDPR compliant?

Yes, we have the tools in place to assist you with GDPR compliance. You must always include an opt-out option.

Can my contacts opt-out if they don’t want to receive any more messages?

Yes – your contacts can opt out by replying to the dedicated Stop Keyword, to any 2-way message you send them.

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