Low cost Text Messaging service – Competitive prices to suit your budget

  • Low Cost Text Messaging Service
  • Competitive prices to suit your budget

    Republic of Ireland prices are shown. For information on SMS message charges to other countries, please contact us directly at

  • Cost of Sending Text Messages to Irish Mobile Numbers

    It costs 6.5c incl. VAT. to send one SMS (text message up to 160 characters) to any Irish network from your CreateText account.

      • Message Bundle Costs
      • Messages Cost Incl. VAT Free Messages
        250 €16.25
        500 €32.50 10
        1,000 €65.00 40
        2,500 €162.50 150
        5,000 €325.00 400
        10,000 €650.00 1,000

        Cost excludes flat rate transaction fee of €2.50 + 23% VAT.

        1 SMS/Message is 160 characters to any Irish network.

        *Free Messages appear in your account as a monetary value.


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CreateText is the low cost SMS service in Ireland.


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