Why is this the best Text Messagaing solution?

CreateText is the perfect Text Messaging solution!

It’s quick, it’s easy and you can send messages from both your mobile phone and your PC to any mobile number in the world.

Not only that, but you can receive replies. Whether you’re sending messages for appointment scheduling/notifications, parishioners and community groups, sports fixtures, looking for volunteers for a school event or taking a poll on customer preferences, CreateText does it for you, seamlessly!

Stay in touch with your customers, your club, your associates, your school, your community, and they’ll stay closer to you.

CreateText is an Irish service with global coverage so whether you’re working at your desk or out and about, CreateText is at your fingertips. The perfect SMS solution for all your SMS marketing needs.

what our clients say

We use CreateText.net in McDonald’s to keep in touch with our customers. We tell those who have opted in, about competition results, special offers and voucher information. Customers love it. It’s fast and it’s reliable – no delays and you know the message has been delivered.

Kieran McDermott

McDonald’s Clare

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