Help your Clients remember their Appointments

Your customers live hectic lives, so from time to time it’s understandable that an appointment might slip their minds. Of course when it does it is costing you money.
A well-timed text message can be the difference between a no-show and an on-time arrival. CreateText will assist you with customers reminders and cut down on lost revenue. Of course text messaging can be used for so much more than just combating no-shows. You can also notify, monitor and alert patients.

CreateText it’s quick, it’s easy with no set up costs.

February 25, 2018

Createtext – Bulk text messaging made easy!

Send Thousands of Messages –
Createtext offers you complete flexibility. You can send bulk messages from your computer or from your mobile phone – whatever suits you best, wherever you are.

Send Messages Online or from your Phone
Once you’ve set up your contact groups, you can choose the group you want to send your message to and decide whether you need to receive replies. Then simply type your message and either choose to send it now or schedule it for sending later.


It’s that simple.

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