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Ok, you sent your message and now you are wondering has it reached your intended audience. With CreateText you can clearly see who received your message and any still pending.

Your Message History allows you to generate reports for Sent messages and also to download the report.

  1. Click MESSAGE HISTORY in the left-hand menu bar
  2. Click DETAILS beside the message you want to generate a report for
  3. Click EXPORT
  4. Choose whether to download or save the file
  5. The exported file enables you to quickly search through your communication log by recipient

Your Message History is used mostly for tracking specific campaign info. Eg; you can extract a report to see the delivery status of a particular sent SMS or e.g. you can check if a message has been delivered to a specific number within a certain timeframe.

January 20, 2018

Createtext – Bulk text messaging made easy!

Send Thousands of Messages –
Createtext offers you complete flexibility. You can send bulk messages from your computer or from your mobile phone – whatever suits you best, wherever you are.

Send Messages Online or from your Phone
Once you’ve set up your contact groups, you can choose the group you want to send your message to and decide whether you need to receive replies. Then simply type your message and either choose to send it now or schedule it for sending later.


It’s that simple.

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