Receive Replies

Why is this the best Text Messaging solution?

CreateText is the perfect Text Messaging solution!

It’s quick, it’s easy and you can send messages from both your desktop PC or laptop to any mobile number in the world.

Createtext 2-way messaging means you can receive replies to your text messages

 As it’s not always convenient to talk over the phone which is why, by using SMS, your recipients can reply when it suits them.

Our SMS platform is an effective non intrusive communication platform.


Bulk Messaging

Send thousands of messages quickly and easily from your computer or your laptop, whatever suits you best.


Receive Replies

Send 2-way texts for 2-way communication. See replies online or on your phone.


Manage Contacts

Stay in tune with your customers, staff, team or community and keep them up to date easily.


Schedule Text-Outs

Compose your message now and send it later. Schedule texts as regular reminders or once-off messages.

what our clients say

We use in McDonald’s to keep in touch with our customers. We tell those who have opted in, about competition results, special offers and voucher information. Customers love it. It’s fast and it’s reliable – no delays and you know the message has been delivered.

Kieran McDermott
McDonald’s Clare

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